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by Gadwall Jackson An insidious, hidden, and painful thing is happening in the marriages of many middle aged men today. Their marriages, much to their chagrin, are being experienced as unfair traps of energy and time and life. Right or wrong, men are finding themselves in a position of having to feed a voracious appetite—the […]

by John Terlazzo Wendell was an odd child, they all thought, and it made many of them uncomfortable.  He was home-schooled, like a number of the other children in their fundamentalist Christian church, but he didn’t exactly do what the other children did.  He didn’t participate in the Patriotic Speech Competitions, didn’t take to memorizing […]

Our Twentieth Year Come Round A History of the Redwood Men’s Center’s Conference-Gatherings by Hari Meyers  The Redwood Men’s Center’s conference and gathering for men is entering and celebrating its 20th year.  Remarkable!  In many ways our gathering has been modest, sparsely advertised, dependent on “word-of-mouth” and yet very successful in its continuity.  Among many possible […]

A car or two rumble slowly past at two A.M. A window or two dimly open their eyes. Dreams have frozen in place and are static— No plot development or progression. The same thing over and over and over At the world’s midnight hour.   “Why can’t I be happy? ” goes the complaint Of […]

by Doug von Koss (an excerpt from a one man one act play) DAEDALUS:   That Minos!  Only blessings would have come to him and his city if he had sacrificed the White Bull and himself to the Gods on Olympus, as he had promised.  It was his duty!   Well, that did it right there, don’t […]

What do you think are the top three books published in the last ten years that feed men’s souls? Please list the book, the author, and the reason you put it in your top three.

Where do we find soul? Where do we find the gods? This story from Cris Anderson seems to point a direction. –Anthony Signorelli, Editor ©2013 Cristopher Anderson “Ms. Johnson,” a slight spry woman in her early seventies, with sandy complexion, gray hair in an appealing cut, jaw clenching and unclenching, eyes dark and moving, grimaces […]

This site already began a discussion of eldering, and I seek to continue it here. I am inspired by James Hillman’s book Force of Character. In this book, Hillman makes the case for soul in the end of life. But pertinent to this discussion, he asks about the role of the old face to the […]

Although this piece from Benjamin Dennis has a slightly academic tone, the content is challenging and thought provoking on many levels. I thought you would enjoy reading it. –Anthony Signorelli, Editor By Benjamin Dennis PhD The image of the zombie suggests that a fusion of African and indigenous Caribbean religious traditions have migrated into the […]

I already know God made me, and its pointless to convince me otherwise. The actual lightning already dropped that woke the bees in the honey tree. From that point on, it was new sandals once a year and khaki shorts, until I was 19 or 20.   I don’t live that far from the original […]

Here is the final piece in Bill Denham’s exploration of his recurrent dream and life experience. Thanks to Bill for letting us try this out. I am interested to hear from readers about your experience with this format. Please drop me a line. There are links to the other four parts: Click here for Part […]

This short piece addresses another perspective on creating the new myth, and is our first piece from a writer in Europe. Another milestone for Inroads. –Anthony Signorelli, Editor by Ivor Randle When I read the discussions on Inroads a theme arises again and again that I feel I have to make comment on myself: how […]

  The Mayans actually did have it right. The world as we knew it is done. Of course there are the remnants of the old ways that will live out their lives as the slaves wandering through the desert unable to find the Promised Land.   The Great Awakening is underway. One can see it […]

Bill Denham blends prose and narrative verse to continue his exploration of the meaning and the origins of his recurring dream, in which he always finds himself caught in some desperate situation, needing help. Part IV of Dreams: originally published as a single piece on the list serve for the Redwood Men’s Center in Sonoma […]

by Anthony Signorelli I recently reread Garcia Lorca’s “Deep Song,” his lecture on the native music of Andalusia. In Christopher Maurer’s translation, it opens thus: You have gathered tonight in the salon of the Centro Artistico to hear my simple but sincere word, and I would like it to be luminous and profound, in order […]